24 January 2012

Three soups

Happy New Year and to celebrate I prepared three soups: Creamless Creamy Tomato Soup shown above (Cook's Illustrated recipe), Garlic Soup (The Moro Cookbook), and Lentil Cumin Spinach (also from The Moro Cookbook) both show below. All were easy to prepare and satisfying to eat!

29 September 2011

Cream cheese pound cake with tangelo zest

Check out at Smitten Kitchen's recipe and photos of this amazing cake!  Easy to make with few ingredients.  I added zest of one tangelo, used 2t of vanilla instead of 1t vanilla and 1t almond, and substituted 1C agave syrup for 3C sugar.  Mother, husband, and toddler gave thumbs up!  Try it!!!

Before we eat all of it -- and we are trying not to because the recipe includes 3 sticks of butter and 6 eggs and 1 pack of cream cheese -- I will take a photo and post it later.

04 September 2011

Eid Mubarak

In Malaysia, there is a tradition of having "open houses" in celebration of certain holidays such as Eid, Chinese New Year and Deepavali. As my family and I celebrate Eidil Fitri which marks the end of the month-long fast during the month of Ramadan. This year we had our an "open house" on the first day of Eid and had many friends and family come and visit. However, the tradition of visiting friends and family for Eid is not just limited to one day, our extended family and friends continue to visit our home throughout the month to wish us Selamat Hari Raya. It is a particularly special time of the year to catch up with cousins, aunties and uncles whom we may not be able to see regularly throughout the year (with people living in different parts of the country).

This year, for the first day, I made several types of cupcakes, a coffee cake and a cookie. My two eldest nieces made 8 different types of cookies! Here are some pictures of the food served at our Eid open house. Eid Mubarak, everyone!

26 August 2011

Savory Corn Fritters a la The Garden of Eatin'

I have no photos of these delicious fritters.  Make them if you have corn!  Here is the link to the recipe: http://gardenofeatingblog.blogspot.com/2011/08/savory-corn-fritters.html.

10 August 2011

Zucchini bread

My birthday cake to Robert made from Smitten Kitchen's recipe here which I halved and modified for less sugar.

08 August 2011

Dumplings and sesame pancakes

From Prosperity Dumplings in Chinatown, NYC.

Vegetable dumplings

Sesame seed pancake with vegetables and egg

17 July 2011

Almost vegan delicious truffles

Vegan + delicious, it's true!  I used Amy Eddings's recipe for a date-pecan truffle and we have been eating at least three per day, each.  The recipe is almost vegan because I toasted my pecans in butter.  Also, I added cinnamon and two pinches of (rose) sea salt instead of one pinch and dusted the truffles with cacao powder before freezing them.  Best eaten a day later.