07 August 2009

Apple pie and fruit salads

I've been in the kitchen but have misplaced my camera charger so I don't have proof. Right now, I am waiting for my apple-vanilla pie to finish. The apartment smells like buttered toast, cinnamon, and vanilla. I used Mark Bittman's crust. The recipe is available here. I'm also taking part in Lin's Summer Salad Challenge. I've prepared three salads so far: two fruit and one vegetable.


  1. apple-vanilla pie!!! i am flying over right now!! i made apple crisp last week too at a friend's house. it was so nice to be able to bake. you have to let me know how the crust turned out. always on a look for a good crust recipe.

  2. The crust was so easy to make (in a food processor) and tasted really good.

  3. ooh i will have to give it a try. i have been thinking of potlucks recently, i dont know why i dont organize them these days. remember the good old days at the forestry school and our endless potlucks?