17 July 2011

Almost vegan delicious truffles

Vegan + delicious, it's true!  I used Amy Eddings's recipe for a date-pecan truffle and we have been eating at least three per day, each.  The recipe is almost vegan because I toasted my pecans in butter.  Also, I added cinnamon and two pinches of (rose) sea salt instead of one pinch and dusted the truffles with cacao powder before freezing them.  Best eaten a day later.

06 July 2011

Meatless BBQ sandwich

We prepared a meatless BBQ sandwich using a recipe from GOOD Food online. The BBQ sandwich was developed by Alex Filipkowski and is made of grated tofu soaked in BBQ sauce and a cabbage-red onion-jalapeno slaw.  Our pronouncement: we will eat this burger again!