15 October 2009

Vegetable dumplings and stir-fried bean sprouts

I heart bean sprouts. I love this tasty, crunchy and extremely versatile vegetable. They are also so cheap and easy to cook, no messing with chopping and peeling. Just throw the content of the bag into a colander and rinse. Here I stir-fried bean sprouts with garlic and chives, seasoned with a dash of light soy sauce and sesame seed oil.

The vegetarian dumplings above is partially home-made. I bought the dumpling skins (usually near the tofu section in the supermarket fridge) and made a quick filling of what I had in my fridge that day which was cauliflower and dried shitake mushrooms. Cauliflower and the pre-soaked mushrooms were finally chopped and sauteed with olive oil and garlic. I added an egg to bind the filling.

Dumplings can be made in advance and kept frozen until ready to use. You can either steam, boil or pan fry the dumplings. Great to have in hand for a quick meal. Hmm, I think I will make more this weekend to keep for the week.


  1. Yeah - a new post. I can almost taste your dumplings, Lin. Must look for dumpling skins on next WF visit.

  2. Dumplings are great. Though I get bored filling the many dumplings if I am making them on my own. More fun to do it with friends. Remember our dumpling party? And oh I forgot to add, I use a dumpling mold which makes it super easy to seal the edges. I will take pictures of the dumpling making process next time I make them again.