23 December 2010

One of my favorite oolongs

I have been cooking, most recently Madhur Jaffrey's Potatoes with Yoghurt and Chickpeas, Delhi style, but I do not have photos to share.  I would like to share a photo of one my new favorite oolongs -- from In Pursuit of Tea -- which I tasted at a Tea & Cheese Pairing (yumminess x 2).

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  1. That potato recipe sounds awesome! Which recipe book of hers is that in? Will try and borrow from the public library. I made a vegetarian lasagna today but it was not very successful, rather dry. But I did enjoy the dessert and have lots of leftover which is dangerous. I love the packaging for the oolong tea. I went to a tea appreciation session recently -my favorite part is rolling the fragrance cup between the palms of my hands and then appreciating the change in the aroma of the tea.