06 January 2011

Vegetarian laksa

I prepared laksa tonight and it was a hit.  Spouse and baby liked the soup.  The soup was restorative for me; I have a cough.

The original Chicken laksa recipe is from Sunset magazine (Jan. 2011).  I took some liberties with the recipe in terms of ingredients and measurements, largely cooking a non-meat and non-fish soup.  I could only find lite coconut milk at the grocery store so the broth was a bit thin.  Whole Foods shoppers in the neighborhood must have read the same recipe!  I used bean noodles instead of rice, red pepper flakes instead of dried arbol chiles, and Sri Lankan flavored salt instead of kosher salt.  Also, I used a yellow onion not shallots and added a clove of garlic (minced) where none was called for.

Here are my before and after photos.


  1. Oh... laksaaaaaaaaahhh....
    Really makes me want to make laksa now! Perhaps tomorrow. Yum.....
    You can put almost everything in laksa. I know one Malaysian fish laksa recipe (we also have *Indonesian* laksa... heheheh) that calls for sliced onion, chopped cucumber, mint leaves, thai basil leaves, chopped chili etc etc. They give not only variety of texture, but flavor as well.

  2. I ended up making chicken laksa last night. I had some frozen home-made shallot+spices paste and frozen chicken broth. I sprinkled it with chopped cukes, sliced scallions, fried shallot, and some chopped chili. YUMMMMM......

  3. Glad you were inspired!
    -- Georgia

  4. Laksa! I am so impressed with you ladies!! I have never made laksa on my own. There's many types of laksa in Malaysia but they roughly fall into two categories-- with coconut milk and without. They one from Penang has no coconut milk but uses lots of fish, tamarind and herbs in its soup. The famous Singapore laksa, has tons of coconut milk! What i love about laksa, like Upik said, you can put lots of chopped vegetables and herbs in it. Yum! Yours looks awesome!