25 April 2009

A delicious holiday in Yogkarta and Solo, Indonesia

I had a wonderful holiday in Yogkarta (Jogja) and Solo, in central Java, Indonesia. I met up with (forestry school pal) M and her husband, R, in Jogja where we checked out the awe-inspring Borobudur temple which is a World Heritage site. We also visited several other ancient temples around the region. It was a lovely trip. Equally inspiring and awesome were the meals we had in Indonesia. Here is a sampler of the delicious food I enjoyed there. Ooh, looking at these pictures makes me want to go back there again soon. The food there were all sooooo good!


  1. Your collage is amazing. The food does look delicious, even to a vegetarian. Can't wait to eat Indian veggie in Spore.

  2. oh yum, yum, yum... gonna miss you guys sooo much.