13 May 2009

Sunday dinner on the grill

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. In this case the words are synonymous with delicious!

Sardines stuffed with bruised mint, from the garden

The fish after grilling:

The final product:

And again,


  1. OMG I LOVVVVVE Bundaberg!! It's the best. I love your photos Jo -- those tomatoes look so very happy, fishies nice and shiny, and did you *have* to post a picture of brie?!?! Here I am miles from even our local Bangladeshi cheese, with a tin of nooch as a 'substitute'. Ha!

  2. wow! that looks SO good! makes me want to run out and look for fresh sardines. I have never had Bundaberg but the bottle looks so cool!

  3. Hi Shim! Lin!

    Never had fresh sardines before either. They are delicious grilled though bony.

    Eating lots of cheese before trip to SE Asia...