14 November 2009

Tomato, Corn and Cheddar Pizza

Hello, people! I am excited! I now have an oven! Not just a toaster oven (though I love my toaster oven too), but a real oven. Well, it is a mini-table-top oven but it is a great oven! Even has a rotisserie function (which comes with something that looks like a devil's pitchfork--a little scary!). But yay! I am now baking-empowered. I can now bake, roast, toast and grill to my hearts content. That over-ripe banana will now make its way to becoming a muffin, instead of being thrown in the freezer for future smoothies (also a great use of over -ripe banana, by the way). I can now finally bake that sour cream chocolate cake that I have been dreaming about. I can bake my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. I can bake bread. I can roast chicken....ahh...the possibilities. Stay tuned, my friends....

Today for lunch, in honor of my new oven ( I may have to give oven a name soon), I decided that I just have to bake something. I decided a quick pizza will satisfy my sense of urgency in testing out the oven, while fast enough to make that I can actually have lunch, at lunch time. While I hope to bake homemade pizza soon enough with my new oven, today, I opted to use wholemeal pita bread as the base for my quick pizza.

So basically, slice pita open into two. Top with available toppings (rumage through fridge). Drizzle with olive oil. Salt. pepper. Bake in hot oven (260 C) for 10 minutes. Today, my pizza topping is inspired by this galette recipe from Alexandra's Kitchen, a food blog that I just discovered. It is a beautiful blog. So inspiring! Do check it out. The original recipe typed out generously here by Alexandra (I am so lazy about these things and am always delighted to be able to provide a link instead) is from Fine Cooking Magazine (August 2000).

I plan to make the galette tomorrow for a brunch get-together. Will report back on that. As for this pizza, I absolutely loved the combination of fresh corn, onions, cheddar chesse and ripe tomatoes. I used cheddar cheese bc that was what I had in the fridge. The original recipe uses gruyere.



Ready to eat. Chomp!


  1. WOW! Your pizza looks so delicious. Wishing I could beam up myself to Singapore.

  2. Congratulations on the oven.... I am curious as to the size and shape of your oven... :) Is it separate from the stove? Picture please... :D

    Another note on the oven, a lady I know said that a busy homemaker should learn to cook things in the oven so she doesn't have to get stuck in the kitchen stirring and stirring and stirring.... I've attempted making rendang in an oven... :) after it is 3/4 done. Should experiment more, I guess :).

  3. oh... speaking of easy pizza topping, i am still thinking about portuguese sardines in olive oil...eh eh ehh... :D

  4. Upik, someone just told me you can cook rendang in a rice cooker, which reduces the need to stir all the time. I imagine an oven would work great too.Great idea! Ooh that reminds me I want to try that goat briyani recipe you mentioned using the oven. Will post up picture of oven soon. It is a abuot the size of a microwave oven.