16 November 2009

Lemon-yoghurt custard topped with walnuts

A tip via @yougrowgirl led me to Mercer Street Books where I purchased a hardcover copy of Moro, The Cookbook for less than $10. Moro was written by Sam and Sam Clark. After looking at all the recipes, I marked several soups, vegetable starters, and most of the desserts, including the Yoghurt Cake with Pistachios. The custard I baked is a modified version of the yoghurt cake. The Clarks described the cake's consistency as "a light sponge on top with a wet custard below."

It's really important to read the directions, carefully! Instead of separating 3 eggs, I whisked 3 eggs - yolks and whites. Other substitutions: 1/4 cup dark brown sugar for 70g caster sugar; 1T vanilla extract for 2 vanilla pods; almost 160z of Greek yoghurt for 350g yoghurt; and a generous handful of walnuts for 30g pistachios.

Despite not incorporating softly whipped, sugared whites, the resulting custard was light. The dominant taste was lemon with a nice back note of vanilla and tangy yoghurt. Read the L.A. Times review of the cookbook. Read yougrowgirl's review of Moro East.


  1. ooooh, that looks so creamy and yummy. reminds me of a steam pudding with lemon custard sauce i had at a fancy cafe here. though this looks even better! Great pix too!

  2. Thanks Lin. We ate the last of the custard last night with peach smoothies.