01 November 2009

Carrot-cornmeal-ginger muffins with sour cream frosting

I had five, skinny carrots left from a bunch which I bought to re-create the carrot-tahini salad dressing served at Dojo in Greenwich Village (NYC). I juiced the carrots with a small Gala apple and used the mash in the muffin preparation. The muffin recipe is from Coconut & Lime and the frosting recipe is from Smitten Kitchen (both have been modified). Muffins modified: white cornmeal; milk not buttermilk; mashed carrots and apple filling. My large muffins baked for 20-25 minutes (I used a silicone 6-muffin pan). Frosting modified: 4 oz sour cream with vanilla extract and honey to taste The muffin mix yielded six (6) large muffins and five (5) small muffins.

From mash to mix:

From mix to muffins, small and large:

The sour cream frosting - not too sweet - is a perfect complement. The carrot-apple mash filling created a moist muffin. The cornmeal added a slight texture and the ginger and nutmeg added warmth. Perfect for a slightly overcast day.


  1. what a lovely combination! i love corn muffin and i love carrot muffin, corn carrot muffin is a great idea! that sour cream frosting looks super yummy.

  2. ohohohooooo i'm back online and that looks so so good. every stage. I think I would have been eating quite a lot of the batter if I were there.