11 November 2009

Fish Croquette

I have had this Tapas recipe book for a while and I have been drooling over their seafood tapas. I found myself with healthy stock of frozen cod recently, and I thought I'd try the Fish Croquette recipe.

In simple terms, fish croquette consists of rather thick bechamel sauce (that uses the milk used to boil the cod), flaked boiled cod, enough capers to create the tangy flavor, paprika, salt, pepper and chopped parsley (I didn't have it on hand, so I skipped that). The trick of making croquette from this rather gooey substance is to cool it in the fridge twice. The first takes 2-3 hours or overnight, to enable slicing the paste; and the second takes about 1 hour after the sliced paste is breaded with Panko (my favorite) and black sesame seed.

I keep my breaded croquette overnight in the fridge when I am too lazy to fry it right away. Such a delight to bite into the cruncy texture, and met with smooth, fishy, creamy and tangy core. Heavenly. I consider this a treat, due to the sinful amount of calories it contains.


  1. oooh sedap! looks so good. now i feel like deep frying something.

  2. Do you know that the Dutch has all varieties of croquette you can imagine? And that it is a staple for hot lunch at campus cafeteria? And that many are halal? :).

  3. wishing to be in Berkeley so I could eat your Fish Croquette!