09 October 2010

Thai berry pudding

Okay, I've taken liberties with the name of this recipe.  I found the recipe, named strawberry pudding, in Natural Health magazine.  The recipe is vegan; it uses coconut milk (hence "Thai").  I substituted frozen blueberries for fresh strawberries frozen overnight and I used vanilla extract instead of a fresh vanilla bean.  Also, I soaked raw almonds for six hours, not overnight.  If I make this pudding again, I'll soak the nuts overnight for a smoother consistency.  Otherwise, an easy and delicious dessert!

1/2 C coconut milk (I used lite milk), 3/4 C raw almonds, 1 pint (8 oz) frozen blueberries

Blend almonds and milk, then add vanilla (2-3 t) and blueberries


  1. hi jo, you are beginning to sounds a like a true food blogger. whenever i read choc and zucchini or smitten, they are always making all sorts of substitutes. this is truly east meets west! coconut milk meets blueberries--yummo! just made a batch of bread--waiting for it to rise. today i mix whole wheat flour with oatmeal, added some dried cranberries and cinnamon. maybe we can bake bread in nyc!

  2. Yes, let's bake bread! Excited about your visit!!