26 January 2011

Carrot muffin with Nutella frosting

Georgia told me last night about the post over at Smitten Kitchen for a peanut-chocolate Nutella-inspired spread: peanutella! So today I took a peek at the wonderful blog and OMG! Oh it looks soooo good and got me immediately searching the pantry for my bottle of Nutella. I was so happy that I had a bottle--in goes a spoon--hmmm hmm. I wanted to spread it on bread too (just like the Smitten Kitchen's post) but I finished all the homemade bread yesterday..... but I did have some carrot muffins that I baked last night.... hmmm carrot muffins and nutella? Could this work? Of course, anything slathered with Nutella has a high probability of being yummy, but it was superbly yummy! The Nutella did not mask the spicy muffin (as I had expected) but complemented it well. For the muffins, I used Ina Garten's carrot cupcake recipe cut in half (and added 1/2 tsp powdered ginger and zest of half a lemon).


  1. Lin, why don't we live in the same building anymore?!

  2. I fear baking when there's no crowd as I would end up finishing everything by myself..... But this looks irresistible.... Is there a way to cut down recipe to 1/4? :)

  3. Divide by 4 lah!:)
    I got exactly a dozen muffins when i halved this recipe. I froze half of them in the freezer. I only frosted a couple for me to eat right away. Shared a couple with friends. Others I ate as "healthy" mid day snacks/dessert over the next few days (this recipe uses oil-which I cut down a little and I added extra carrots as I do not like raisin and I also sub 1/4 cup of whole wheat flour, next time I make it I may throw in some grounded flax seed). Muffins tend to freeze well and you can frost them with different toppings to turn them into dessert.