05 February 2011

Mushroom quiche

I made this mushroom quiche for brunch a couple of weekends ago. I love brunch --it is a great excuse to make (and eat!) breads and pastries. I made two types of breads--multigrain with cranberries--using the 5-minute artisan bread method, and a wholewheat boule using the famous Jim Lahey recipe--both of the no-knead school but with varying proofing time. My guests brought some lovely apple-pumpkin-ginger marmalade from Germany which went really well with the breads. I also had two types of cheese laid out --Parmesan and Scottish Cheddar. Along with the bread, I made this quiche above and got to try out my new removable-bottom pie tin. The crust for the quiche turned out well, the quiche was tasty but could have used more salt and maybe something else punchier in it--maybe some roasted red peppers, or cherry tomatoes, or even some salmon for a meatier version. A fruit salad marinated with mint sugar served alongside some Greek yogurt made for a refreshing rejoinder to the breads and pastries. Of course, plenty of coffee and tea to go around makes for a happy brunch crowd. Looking forward to having friends over for brunch again soon.


  1. Haaaa... this look delicious. I have a pie pastry in the fridge from a company that uses only wholesome ingredients (meaning no lard etc etc like in Pilsbury version), and I have some leeks I need to use. I hope to make Leek quiche this week.

    Can you post about your version about no-knead bread, please? And some pictures? I have heard all good reviews about it (but Lahey's and the Artisan version), but haven't got the guts to venture into it. Esp. with 2-persons household, where would all the carb go?? :)


  2. I have a removable bottom cake pan...would it work for a quiche. Must try...I have some broccoli and cheddar in the fridge...

  3. Hi Upik, I posted on the Artisan bread here:
    The recipe is online, but let me know if you can't find it.

    Jo, I think that should work. Most recipes call for blind baking (cover with foil with weighted with beans) the crust first. Quiche are super easy especially if you have crust handy. I havent found a good ready to use crust here.