08 February 2011

Balinese Lawar and Sate Lilit

Lawar and Sate Lilit:

A couple of years ago, Lin, Shim and I went for a vacation in Bali. It was a truly truly wonderful experience. One of the highlights was the local cuisine (the other white water rafting, yet another a lush, affordable cottage overlooking the Ayung River in Sayan), and we were lucky to find a halal Balinese canteen somewhere in Denpasar. I remember we ended up eating rice and several traditcional dishes such as Ayam Plecing (shredded chicken mixed with special chili concotion), Lawar (Balinese style salad), and for sure Sate Lilit (meat/chicken/fish mixed with shredded coconut and spices in thick bamboo skewer).

Sometime last year, I had the urge to remake Lawar and Fish Sate Lilit (best with King Mackerel or Spanish Mackerel). I had to scour the internet for Lawar Recipe and found something here and for another version of Sambal Sere Tabia, Base Be Siap and Sambal Matah by Murni's warung, a famous eatery in Ubud, here. Scroll down until you find the recipe among other authentic Balinese recipes.

It is said that Lawar is usually made for Balinese festive days by the patriarch of the family. It requires myriad of ingredients that demand almost a whole day preparation. A blog here by Michael Tenzer shows you how it is "properly" done. The pictures there are luxuriant! I ended up using Murni's recipe and Tenzer's step-by-step direction. There's also a simpler way to do it, as shown here. But then again, I like to torture myself for good food....

Dinner on the floor, with Lawar, Sate Lilit and coconut rice in lotus leaf (for lack of banana leaf):


  1. Can you believe, our holiday was more than a couple years ago! It was 10 years ago!!! I think we are due for another bali holiday, don't you think?

    Wow, look at that spread. Please remind your husband what a lucky guy he is!

  2. Why go to Bali when you can go to Upik's for dinner?!

  3. Lin: Not 10 years ago... ayayay! It was 2003 :) Dear Husband favorite line actually comes from you. He likes to say, "Like Lin said, you've finally met your match." Hehheeheheehhhh.... :D

    Georgia: Exactly, right?
    But dinner at my place does not come with white water rafting at Ayung river..... Which reminds me that we had such succulent lunch after the expedition.