24 February 2011

Rye bread

Baking bread always makes me happy. I found some organic rye flour recently and could not wait to make rye bread. I made two loaves here using a recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I did not have any caraway seeds on hand so used fennel instead. There's a recipe for dark rye bread in the book which uses coffee and cocoa powder, can't wait to try that next and maybe make a swirl (dark and light) rye bread.


  1. I have yet to bake a quick bread. You're my inspiration, Lin!

  2. p.s. Oh the effort to resist bread, but bread with coffee and cocoa, too much...

  3. Seriously!! This is like a bread bought from an artisanal bakery..... I still don't have the courage to make bread for fear I gulped it all in one sitting :D.