10 February 2011

I am in a pickle

I was in a pickling mood last week and prepared two types of pickles: pickled red onion and pickled garlic.  For the first, I sliced a couple of red onions, placed them in my plastic pickle maker (an awesomely practical gift), and added black peppercorns, garlic (a little), and white vinegar to cover.  I refrigerated overnight then stored one-half in a sterilized jar.  The other half is being eaten down!

Three years ago I read Margo True's pickled garlic recipe on the Sunset magazine blog One-block diet.  I had prepared a lemon pickle recipe from the blog, this one Nepalese lemon pickle by Elaine Johnson.  Delicious!  Back to the Sally True's pickled garlic recipe. I peeled two large cloves and covered them with a mixture of cider and white vinegar and added 1/4 teaspoon of black peppercorns, about 1/8 cup of brown sugar, a pinch or so of salt, 1 bay leaf, and 2 cloves.  I boiled the ingredients for three minutes then poured them into a sterilized jar which I covered and heat sealed.  This pickle, too, is delicious!  Tangy, a bit sweet from the sugar, but mostly from the clove, with a hint of Bermudan lime from the bay leaf.


  1. First, jam making, now pickling. Very "Little Women" :) Am impressed. Can you post a picture of the plastic pickle maker--have never seen one. What do you eat your pickles with? (we mostly eat with rice and curry here).

  2. Onion pickles and fish or on salads! Garlic pickles spread on bread.

    My pickle maker looks like this -- http://is.gd/1KOnUQ -- but columnar.