08 August 2011

Dumplings and sesame pancakes

From Prosperity Dumplings in Chinatown, NYC.

Vegetable dumplings

Sesame seed pancake with vegetables and egg


  1. So you went, Jo? Any reports of taste etc? I am thinking of making mushroom bao this weekend, if I have the energy... or... if I managed to pull one revision for a chapter. Yeah!!

    sotoma'arup aka U

  2. sotoma'arup:

    the dumplings were fine.

    The pancakes were delicious. Carrots and egg, who knew?! The pancake was soft, chewy, with the perfect amount of sesame seeds. The egg was cooked well - crispy yet soft - and it must have been a very large egg or perhaps a couple. I liked the fresh addition of the parsley.

    -- mango lassie